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3 Homeowner Hacks For A Successful Winter

1 min read

snow covered home with replacement windowsThere are so many reasons to love winter. Christmas, hot cocoa, time with family – what’s not to love? But the experts at Window World of Houston are here to remind you that cold weather can bite if you aren’t prepared. To help Houston homeowners hunker down for a successful winter, we compiled 3 homeowner hacks to act on immediately. Read them below!

Winter Prep Tips

Tip 1: Reinforce your caulk. One of the easiest ways for cold weather to enter your home is through the cracks around your windows and doors. That’s why it’s imperative that you re-caulk your windows before winter.  If your windows or doors are from Window World, we’ll come out to your home and re-caulk them, free of charge!  

Tip 2: Inspect your home. While windows and doors are some of the more obvious problem areas when it comes to winter prep, there are other parts of your home that could leave you vulnerable to the elements. Before winter arrives, be sure to inspect the entire exterior for issues that need fixing.

Tip 3: Replace faulty windows and doors. If you have a faulty window or door, it is critical that you get it replaced before wintertime. A deficient window/door in the winter can not only drop the temperature inside your home, it’ll also drive your monthly energy bill through the roof. So, to save money and stay comfortable this winter, be sure to inspect your windows/doors and contact Window World of Houston with your home improvement questions!

Get Ahead Before Winter Strikes!

Act fast and reinforce your home before winter weather arrives! Contact Window World of Houston today to schedule your free in-home estimate!